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In the age of digital media, there is an almost endless supply of information on any given topic online. While this may be daunting, or leaving you unsure of where to start, it could also be considered a positive where mental health is concerned. While mental health can be very isolating, the number of videos and podcasts people have created discussing their mental health problems and concerns with others proves nobody is truly alone in how they're feeling. Open discussions like these also do a lot to destigmatize talking about mental health.



HUMEN have created a 5-part video series on men's mental health, with each episode featuring different celebrities and discussing different issues. 





The Mental Health Foundation have created a number of podcast interviews and discussions. They also have podcasts for your wellbeing.

The Mind Podcast series hears what it's really like to live with mental health problems. As well as the podcasts, they also provide written transcripts of each episode. Listen here

Action in Mind needs your support to make the places where you learn and study or the local communities and neighbourhoods where you live to become better informed about and understanding of mental health.  Together, we can make a real and positive difference to people’s lives by bringing an end to mental health stigma and discrimination by creating a pathway of positive mental wellbeing for everyone.

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The importance of mental health and its impact on the general condition of man can not be underestimated. This may even be an interesting topic. After all, mental health determines the physical health of people and well-being.

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