Who We Are

Action in Mind is a community mental health charity supporting people with mental health difficulties, their families and carers living in Forth Valley, Central Scotland.

We provide support services to meet the varying needs and expectations of our diverse clients who range from children and young people (from the age of 10 years) to adults (from 18 years and upwards).  All our services are person-centred and designed to support and enable clients to work towards achieving their self-determined outcomes.
Integral to supporting referred individuals is recognising how important it is for families and carers to be active partners in care planning and support, while also recognising that they themselves may need support or respite as informal caring can make people feel isolated and lonely, apprehensive and disempowered.  Developing trusting relationships with families and carers enhances client support in a direct and meaningful way, but also lets them know they are valued and should also be supported, if needed.  

Our role extends to tackling mental health stigma, including self-stigma and discrimination, through local awareness raising and campaigning initiatives.
We are firm advocates of working in partnership with colleagues in mental health, locally and nationally, and with others working in areas of health inequality, poverty and disadvantage, family and carer support. By forming alliances with other organisations helps to ensure the inclusion of mental health and wellbeing into their priority actions too.  This enables us to influence policy into practice, pilot new support services and identify areas of emerging need.

Action in Mind needs your support to make the places where you learn and study or the local communities and neighbourhoods where you live to become better informed about and understanding of mental health.  Together, we can make a real and positive difference to people’s lives by bringing an end to mental health stigma and discrimination by creating a pathway of positive mental wellbeing for everyone.

For more information about The Collective AiM and how you can become involved click Join Us, email info@actioninmind.org.uk or call 01786 451203 (office hours)

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